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Meet Annate No. 4, a stunning little piece of original abstract art that is one of five in this captivating series. Each piece in the Annate series results from a study of mark-making play, exploring the innate marks we all possess deep within us and how they resurface when we invite them to. This piece measures 8" x 10" and is made using mixed media on paper, which is then mounted on a wood cradle panel for a sleek and modern finish. Perfect for adding a touch of intrigue and sophistication to any space, as a stand-alone piece or displayed with her sisters from the series, Annate No. 4 is sure to be a captivating conversation starter in any art collection.


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Annate No. 4

  • Mixed Media - Acrylic, crayon on paper.

    Size 8"x 10" mounted on 3/4" wood cradle panel. 

    ©Astrid Fox 2023

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