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Art statement

Astrid’s art is her visual journal, capturing life's moments as chapters. Her love for organic mark making in an abstract expressionistic style is a form of somatic healing, transferring emotions from mind to canvas. Exploring her neurodivergence through art marking, Astrid's intuitive process lifts the weight of expectations, tapping into her instinctual voice. Her work invites viewers to experience the visceral expression of hidden thoughts, drawing curiosity. Each piece is an energetic experiment, embracing uncertainties with courage for growth. Through art, Astrid communicates deeper emotions where words fall short.

about me

Astrid Fox, a Canadian visual artist from Hong Kong, lives and create in the West Coast of British Columbia with her family. Astrid is interested in the study of art and mind connections. She draws inspiration for her art from a diverse genres of music, dance and spirituality while exploring the human connections through a therapeutic practice of art making. Artists who influenced her include Georgia O’Keeffe, Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly and Mary Abbott.



2023 Find Your Joy course, Louise Fletcher Art, Virtual 

2023 Elevating Your Abstracts workshop, Jeanette Jarville, Vancouver, BC, Canada 

2021-2023 Workshop, Joseph Wong, Phoenix Art Workshop, Richmond, BC, Canada

2012 Painting Workshop, Karen Yurkovich – ECUAD, Vancouver, BC, Canada 

1995 Diploma of Graphic Design & Illustration - CAPU North Vancouver, BC. Canada

1995 Painting Workshop, Paul Deggan and Kiff Holland. Montaigut-le-Blanc, Puy-de-Dôme, France 

1991 Interior Designs - KPU, Richmond, BC, Canada

1990 Diploma of Fine Arts  - Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada



2023 Solo Show, Global Atomic Designs, Vancouver, BC, Canada

2006 Solo show. Aura of Blooms. Richmond City Hall, Richmond, Canada
2006 Solo show. Art in the Waterfront. Waterfront Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
1992 Solo Exhibition. See Bob Run. Vancouver Little Theatre, Vancouver, BC


2023 Phoenix Art Teacher and Student Show, Richmond, BC, Canada 

2023 Guess Who Supports Art + Food Bank, Richmond, BC, Canada

2007-2009 Invitational, Annual Auction Gala , Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, Canada
2007 Juried, The Changing City, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada

2007 RICHmond ARTS; The Changing City, Richmond Art Gallery Richmond, Canada

2006 Artists Among Us, Richmond Art Gallery Richmond, Canada 

2006 Silent Auction. World Aids Day. Diva at the Met, Vancouver, Canada
2006 Mask -4-AIDS. Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

2005 Juried, Semi-Abstract Show. Federation Gallery, Vancouver. Canada.

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